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1: Start out going towards TERMINALS A & B/SOUTH EXIT. 0.14 miles

2: Merge onto AIRPORT BLVD. W. 1.20 miles

3: Stay straight to go onto AIRPORT EXIT. 0.17 miles

4: Stay straight to go onto AIRPORT EXIT. 0.04 miles

5: AIRPORT EXIT becomes S ACCESS RD. 3.34 miles

6: S ACCESS RD becomes BOGGY CREEK RD. 3.31 miles

7: Turn RIGHT onto OSCEOLA PKWY. 0.30 miles

8: Turn RIGHT onto ANDOVER DR. into Quail Ridge West 0.04 miles

9: Turn Left onto WALDEN CT. 0.13 miles.

Total Estimated Time: Total Distance:
15 minutes 7.81 miles